How to Survive Changes in Baby Sleep
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How to Survive Changes in Baby Sleep

Sleep regression is just one of the many reasons our baby’s sleep can change. Sometimes our little one’s get sick. Other times their routine may get slightly thrown off due to a vacation or day spent outside of the home. Whatever the case may be, when our baby’s sleep changes it can be difficult for us parents too. How to survive changes in baby sleep can be challenging but in the end rewarding.

How to Survive Changes in Baby Sleep

Stick to your schedule and routine as much as possible when possible.

In my post about sleep regression I wrote how important it is to stick to your schedule and routine as much as you can. You may not realize, but babies and toddlers alike enjoy routine/order. Even if your little one is experiencing changes in sleep for whatever reason, it is still important that try to put them down at their usual naptime(s) and bedtime. They may not go to sleep as easily as they typically do but you still want to try to put them down at the usual times. Remember, their normal sleep pattern will return. 

Adjust sleep time when needed.

If your baby is showing signs of sleepiness before or after their usual sleep times, let them sleep. If your baby is absolutely refusing to sleep during their usual sleep times adjust their sleep schedule. Schedule and routine are important but so is following your baby’s lead. Forcing your child to stay up isn’t beneficial. You can’t force your child to go to sleep. Notice when changes are necessary and adjust accordingly.

Create a sleep positive environment.

Making sure your child’s sleeping space is promoting good sleep is important! Keeping their room dark, lowering their room temperature, dressing them in sleep appropriate clothing, or playing white noise are all ways to help your little one sleep. Remember that it’s recommended that you keep their bed or crib free of any distractions.

Practice patience.

Changes in your baby’s sleep can be tough. The times when they fight their normal sleep schedule or cry for what seems like an eternity can be frustrating. Patience especially during sleep changes is important. Your little one is probably just as frustrated as you are. Take deep breaths and ever step away if you feel yourself becoming impatient.

Take care of yourself.

Self care is the best care. More than likely your sleep is going to be thrown off too. Make sure you’re checking in with yourself. Take breaks outside or inside the home as you need them. Use the time when they sleep to get some sleep too or relax. 

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