5 Ways Mom Can Step Out To Take A Break

5 Ways Mom Can Step Out To Take A Break

My last post focused on 5 ways to take a break within your home. Today, I am focusing on 5 ways mom can step out to take a break. Investing in self-care outside the home is just as important as inside the home. Sometimes we want to see more than our children and/or our significant other. We may need more space to ourselves than our home gives. Whatever your reason, stepping out to take a break is beneficial and can be fun!

5 Ways Mom Can Step Out To Take A Break

Participate in a class that interest you

Whether it be a yoga, cooking, writing, pottery, or even a college course do something that sparks an interest within you. Even if you don’t think you’ll be good at it or you’re nervous about it, go for it! As long as it’s something you want to do and not a chore to do sign up and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy a drive

Sometimes all I want is to take a drive. No particular destination. I just get in the car play some music or even a podcast and just go. If I’m hungry I hit the drive-thru of whatever I’m craving. It is nice at times just to have the car to yourself. No crying, kids tunes, or spilled food/milk. No rush to get to a destination. Try it, you may thank me later.

Take yourself out to eat (and drink if you want)

As you can tell, I am a lover of food related self-care! But seriously, sometimes taking kids out to eat with you can be A LOT. It’s nice to eat in a restaurant alone and peacefully. If you want to enjoy a drink, TREAT YOURSELF. Enjoy dinner out all by yourself.

Have a spa day

If you can have a spa day in, you can definitely have one out. Book the manicure and pedicure. Get the massage. Put your phone on vibrate and spend a couple of hours letting someone pamper you.

Spend some time with friends

I wrote about my love for brunches with friends awhile back and how special they have become to me now that I’m a mom. Spending time with friends can be an opportunity to vent or just enjoy one another’s company. It can be for a quick cup of coffee or even a weekend girls’ trip with enough planning. No matter the occasion, time, or place, take time to invest in your friendships.

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