five ways moms can take a break at home

Five Ways Moms Can Take A Break At Home

We know that sometimes moms needs a break and that we don’t need to feel guilty for doing so. But we also know that sometimes we can’t take a break outside of our homes. COVID forced us to stay indoors and find ways to achieve self-care within our homes. Beyond COVID, the business of our daily lives can keep us inside even if we have good intentions to step out. Or it may be difficult to procure a caregiver for our children to take time for ourselves. Whatever the case may be, below are five ways moms can take a break at home.

Five Ways Moms Can Take A Break At Home

Get up before your baby and enjoy some time alone

Even getting up 30 minutes before your little one can you some much needed time to yourself. Take your time getting dressed. Prepare yourself some breakfast, tea, or just some coffee if that’s what you need. Read a book or spend some time scrolling through social media. Maybe catch up on an episode or two. Whatever you choose to do, use the mornings to a break for yourself.

Have a meal delivered just for you and it eat alone

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner doesn’t matter. Sometimes you want a meal where you don’t have to cook or even open a microwave. Sometimes all you want to do is open an app or call a restaurant. So do it. Whatever your choice of delivery method is, order something just for you. No sharing with kids. Bonus points if you don’t think about the calories. Enjoy it by yourself.

Create a spa experience

If you’re like me, you take a quick shower and move on with your day (or night). However, what if you made time to make your shower time a spa experience? Light some candles. Use a shower bomb. Play some relaxing music. Put on a face mask. Enjoy a relaxing drink of your choice. If you have a bath tub, get on in with a bath bomb. Cover yourself in a robe you love. Take your time and enjoy yourself in your own spa oasis.

Unplug to unwind

I know technology is part of most people’s everyday life but sometimes you need to unplug. There are plenty of benefits to unplugging! So take some time to place your phone on do not disturb. Keep off of social media for a day. Turn off your TV for the day. Replace the screens with a book, journaling, or even an adult coloring book.

Use screen time to give you a break

Giving your kids some screen time is one of the five ways moms can take a break at home is one of those that has mixed reviews. Yes, it’s important to unplug and monitor the amount of screen time our little ones have. BUT, letting your little one watch a movie or TV show quietly is better than you having no break when you need it. Use the time to take care of yourself. Have a cup of tea, go take some deep breaths, stretch if need be, etc. Make the most of their screen time by taking some time for you.

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