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Promoted to Grandma

It’s been over a year since my mom was promoted to grandma and met her first grandchild for the firs time ever. I always tell others that my mom was not one to ask when we were going to give her grandchildren. She would tell people that she had grand-doggies and grand-kitties. She never made us feel as if we needed to have children. So when I called her and shared that I was unknowingly 35 weeks pregnant she was surprised to say the least.

Being promoted to grandma was one of my mom’s happiest moments.

My mom is one of the proudest, happiest, excitable grandmas ever. There are times where I wish I gave her a grandchild sooner. She finds joy in everything my daughter does. My mom is my daughter’s biggest cheerleader and my biggest support. She gives us both love and plenty of laughter. My mother provides safety and peace within her home while giving me opportunity to step out to take breaks. She is my and my daughter’s champion. She tells anyone and everyone all about her newfound role as grandma. To see my mom filled with enthusiasm and joy whenever she’s with my daughter is so powerfully uplifting. 

Mom I love you.

I am so proud to be your daughter. I feel fortunate to be able to give you your first grandchild. Every time I see you and her interact I can’t help but smile. My wish is for you see your grandchild grow into a woman you are proud of. I hope for you to see me become a mother you are proud of too. We have come so far.  As an adult, I know that I didn’t always make your motherhood journey easy. I am sorry. But hopefully you can continue to support me as a pave my own path through motherhood. You are the best grandma a daughter could as for.  I love you very much. Here’s to celebrating many more Grandparents’ Day, Mothers’ Day, birthdays, and every other holiday in between.

With Love, Your Daughter,

Mom With No Plan

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