Advertising, Sponsors, and Affiliate Partnerships

Advertising, Sponsors, and Affiliate Partnerships Disclosure

Mom With No Plan does receive monetary compensation through affiliate links, advertising and sponsored collaborations. Compensation is earned within Mom With No Plan’s partnership with various brands, retailers, or PR firms.  Any posts and advertisements containing affiliate links can generate a commission on purchases made by readers. Mom With No Blog only receives compensation when readers follow links directly from this blog and buys linked items from the specified online retailer. Readers are not required to follow affiliate links or buy products associated with affiliate links, advertising, or sponsored collaborations. Mom With No Plan is not responsible for any dissatisfaction in relation to purchased products. 

Please note that not all links on Mom With No Plan are affiliate links. However when readers utilize affiliate links monetary commissions received from purchase are used to help support Mom With No Plan for readers like you. Content on Mom With No Plan containing affiliate links, advertisements, or sponsored collaborations will be described as such. This includes pages or posts.

 It is important that Mom With No Plan is honest and transparent towards all her readers. Mom With No Plan will provide candid reviews and opinions of all products featured on the site. The same sentiment applies to Mom With No Plan’s promotion of any brand, event, gift with purchase, or discount promotion deals. Therefore, it is important for readers to know that any products featured for purchase are items Mom With No plan has personally been picked for endorsement. Mom With No Plan’s endorsement of any product is based solely on a product’s quality and Mom With No Plan’s personal opinion of a product.  Products mentioned, featured, discussed, etc. are done so at the discretion of Mom With No Plan.

You may have questions regarding Mom With No Plan’s partnerships or products featured on the site. Please do not hesitate to reach out via email at

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