my first birthday as a single mom
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My First Birthday as a Single Mom

This is my second birthday as a mom and my first birthday as a single mom. Last year when I wrote about turning thirty, my daughter was about seven months old. I was still getting used to my role as a mother. Being completely candid, I was struggling in my relationship. I was struggling with myself. I felt ok. My birthday last year was satisfactory at best. Between my birthday last year and now, my life has changed drastically. Since then I have ended my relationship, moved back home, and am beginning a new job. It’s been a whirlwind of a year. It hasn’t been easy but where I am right now is worth it all. 

My first birthday as a single mom is going to be as fun as I choose to make it.

This year there won’t be a special birthday date with my significant other. There won’t be a birthday getaway with someone special. But that’s ok. I have my daughter, family, and friends who will celebrate me. This time, there’s no stress or tension. I am better than ok. This time, I get to celebrate myself exactly as I would like. I am going to enjoy myself selfishly and I am not going to feel bad doing it. 

31 Here I come.

My birthday wish is to be my best self. My plan for 31 is to do what makes me happy and let go of what doesn’t. I want more joy, smiles, and laughter. My goal is for my daughter to see a happier me. I am manifesting a better year than what I experienced last year. I look forward to a better and brighter year. Hopefully, you all continue to follow my journey. I can’t wait to share more. Time to say goodbye to 30 and hello to 31.


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