Favorite Things May 2021
Favorite Things

Favorite Things May 2021

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Hello readers!

May 2021 is officially coming to a close. Seems like yesterday that I gave birth to my daughter.

May has brought Mom With No Plan to life not just with its own site but on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest too!

I’ve had my mother come to visit and experienced my first Mother’s Day. I’ve even learned some lessons along the way.

Motherhood has kept me busy and has given me an ever expanding list of favorite things that make my motherhood journey great.

Favorite Things May 2021

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A couple of weeks ago I had this urge to go my local library and check out the parenting section. I’m pretty sure I took 90% of the books available. I am truly enjoying 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do. It’s not preachy or overwhelming. Amy Morin provides relevant examples of how things can go wrong in raising your child with wonderful exercise of how to get it right. Can’t wait to finish!

may 2021

I mentioned in my first favorite things post how much I enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. I also am a breastfeeding/pumping mom. Traditional Medicinal’s Mother’s Milk’s tea is an acquired taste but I have noticed an increase in my breast milk production. I drink at least three cups a day.

More lactation products please! Munchkin Milkmaker’s Lactation Cookie Bites (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip) have helped increase my breast milk production and honestly they taste so good I would eat them even if I didn’t see an increase. I didn’t realize how popular they were until I spent a week trying to get them in stores only for them to be sold out every time I tried.

As you know, I love a good tote bag. The Radley London Womens Dane Park Nylon Tote Large (Grey) I bought before I had my daughter and for some reason I never really thought to use it as much until now. It’s my “fancy tote” but same concept as a non-designer tote bag. Waterproof and easily can throw things in it.

With all the coffee and tea I make throughout the day I am constantly using my Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater. I think the design is super cute and holds a liter of water. While the base is corded the actual kettle can be removed from the base if you want to place it somewhere else. It is used daily in my home and has not failed me in the four years I have had it!

Goodbye May 2021…hello June!

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