first 3 months of motherhood
Thoughts on Motherhood

Three Months of Motherhood

My daughter is three months old today. Motherhood seems to be flying by.

If you had asked me three months ago if I saw myself having children anytime soon my answer would have been no.  Motherhood was reserved for the non-immediate future. I was fully in control of my life at least until three months ago. A whole unexpected pregnancy later having full control is the least of my worries.

These past three months of motherhood has taught me that I can’t always be in control. I’m learning that it will be okay if things don’t go according to my plans. I’m learning to let it be when schedules, routines, and to-do lists don’t happen. I’m learning to react better to change and it’s okay to ask for help.

Three months of motherhood is teaching me acceptance. I am accepting that success comes in many different forms. I am accepting that I need to be patient with myself and others. I am accepting that I am slowly doing and saying things that my mother has done or said. I am accepting that my everything I do or say is going to affect this tiny human that is my daughter.

Three months ago I would have never understood what is means to be overjoyed, anxious, sad, irritated, and exhausted all in the span of a hour sometimes all at once. I would have never understood the feelings of protectiveness and love that I now experience with my daughter. I would have never known the feeling of joy I now get from my every day interactions with my daughter.

As corny or cliche as it sounds, motherhood has changed me. I used to roll my eyes when people would gush over “the joys of motherhood”.

Now here I am with three months of motherhood experience.

I get it.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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