grandparents meet baby
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When Grandma Visits

My Mom Is A First Time Grandma

grandparents meet baby

When I told my mom I was pregnant, there was shock followed up quickly by excitement that she was officially a grandma.

She couldn’t be at the hospital with me but eighteen days after the birth of her granddaughter my mother arrived.

My mom has now visited twice in the span of two months. She is currently visiting me as I am writing this post. So without further ado.

When grandma visits…

Grandma is probably going to be VERY EXCITED

Babies are exciting for most people but extra exciting for grandmas. Doesn’t seem to matter that grandma has already had children of her own or that it’s not her first grandchild. She has already shared her overflowing excitement with everyone she knows and has encountered in her life. Be prepared when grandma visits for her to do that with everyone you know and she encounters in your life. Your friends, your co-workers, the employees at all the stores you frequent. SHE IS GOING TO TELL EVERYONE SHE IS A GRANDMA AND SHOW EVERYONE HER GRANDCHILD. She will probably insert these facts into every conversation any way she can. Just let it happen.

Grandma is probably going to be on full fan girl mode for her grandchild

While my mom is very happy for me becoming a mother I am not the main objective of her visits. As a first time grandma, these trips are 95% about seeing her granddaughter.  Every movement, sound, facial expression your baby makes is going to have grandma LOVING EVERY SECOND. She is going to want at least fifty pictures with her grandchild. She’s going to want at least a hundred more of her grandchild doing the most mundane things if they’re doing anything at all. Just make sure her phone is fully charged and she has plenty of space to store them.

Grandma will not want to put the baby down

There seems to be some unspoken law that when grandma visits the only surface the baby can touch is grandma’s arms. Forget you holding them to feed or putting them down for sleep. GRANDMA’S ARMS ARE MADE SPECIFICALLY SO YOUR BABY NEVER LEAVES THEM IN HER PRESENCE.

Grandma may want to relive the mommy days

Maybe it’s just my mom but when she visits she wants to do all the feeding, burping, and changing of diapers. She wants to rock her granddaughter to sleep and give her baths. I gladly oblige.

Grandma is going to give parenting advice

Grandmas are mothers too. They too have made mistakes as equally as they have had success. They have opinions on motherhood and taking care of a baby and they are more than likely going to tell you all about them.


but maybe has a squeeze bit more love for her grandbaby ♥

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