Tips For Visiting New Orleans With Kids
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Tips For Visiting New Orleans With Kids

Despite my nervousness with going to New Orleans with my two year old daughter, I had lots of fun! I didn’t really think of New Orleans as a place suited for a family vacation but I have now been proven wrong. Below are my tips for visiting New Orlean with kids.

Tip #1: Choose your hotel wisely.

My hotel was about a 15 minute walk to the French Quarter and roughly 30 minutes to Bourbon Street. I was also 10 minutes away from a grocery store, Starbucks, and bus line. My hotel came with free breakfast. However, I do wish the hotel offered a little more and was a bit closer to the main areas of New Orleans. All this to say, take time in choosing your hotel. While you may not mind the walking, your little ones probably will. If you’re like me, you want your kiddos to enjoy the hotel as much as the trip. Take your time in finding the right hotel that has great location and comfort.

Tip #2: Take the stroller and tour bus

If you only remember one of my tips for visiting New Orleans with kids remember this one: DO NOT LEAVE THE STROLLER BEHIND. Seriously. New Orleans is one of those places you can spend the entire day walking around if you’d like. Kids don’t really love to do that. Unless you enjoy carrying a child around all day, TAKE THE STROLLER EVERYWHERE. I also suggest booking a tour bus. I used the Worldwide Sightseeing New Orleans Bus Tours: Hop-On Hop-Off with City Sightseeing and enjoyed it immensely. Not only is it a relaxed way to see New Orleans it’s also informative and allows you to get off and explore at no extra cost. Our hotel had a stop for the bus tour about 5 minutes away which we were able to use to travel easily around New Orleans.

Tip #3: Bring Your Own Water Bottle & Stay Hydrated

Water in New Orleans outside of a grocery or convenience store can range from $1 to $5. Most hotels have water filling stations for free. Bring your own water bottle and don’t leave your hotel without it. Lots of walking in New Orleans heat without water is sure to equal a very cranky child. Make sure everyone has a water bottle, stays hydrated, and keeps cool!

Tip #4: Take time for breaks

Even if you’re child is past the napping stage, I do think it’s important to make sure there’s time to go to the hotel to take a break. Do not be like me and learn the hard way. There were definitely moments I could sense my daughter needed a break from being a tourist. Even if it means just lounging in the hotel make sure to take time to rest during the day.

Tip #5: Avoid the nightlife with kids

Nightlife in New Orleans is not a kid-friendly environment. It’s loud, rowdy, and crowded. Traffic can be even worse at night. Especially during the weekends. My suggestion? Head back to your hotel before the nighttime crowd comes out. 

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