How To Make Flying Spirit Comfortable
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How To Make Flying Spirit Comfortable

Recently I took a quick weekend trip to New Orleans with my two year old daughter. We flew Spirit Airlines and overall had a pretty good experience. Was it perfect? Not by any means. But I did walk away with some thoughts on how to make flying Spirit more comfortable.

Tip #1: Lower your expectations

If you are not familiar with Spirit, check out their website. It is a cheap no frills airline. Your ticket buys you a spot on the plane and one personal bag. The planes don’t include complimentary snacks, plush seats, or the cute little TVs on the back of each seat to keep you entertained. Spirit Airlines is meant to get you from point A to point B as simply as possible.  You know they saying, “You get what you pay for?” Remember that when flying Spirit.

Tip #2: If there are security shortcuts, get them.

Getting through airport security plays a significant role in my overall flying experience. I do not enjoy waiting in line as is but especially with a toddler who is still learning to be patient. The quicker and easier I can get to my gate the better. I highly suggest adding Spirit’s security shortcut. I purchased it for security through MSY and have zero regrets. While everyone was in the general security line we were directed to the first class/priority security line. We were through security in less than five minutes! Not all airports will have this option so if they do not, check with your airport to see if there are other options. MCO for example has MCO Reserve which is a free service similar to Spirit’s security shortcut.

Tip #3: Buy your seats and take your time boarding

Buying your seats is one of my favorite ways of  how to make flying Spirit comfortable. Picking your seat with Spirit does cost extra. But if you’re like me and are particular about where you sit, it can be worth the cost. It can also be worth it if you’re traveling in a group as Spirit cannot guarantee you all sit together. I chose to buy my seats for each trip and have no regrets. Also, take your time in boarding. If you prefer to pre-board, do it! But if it’s not for you I recommend taking your time to get on the plane when you have little ones. The faster you get on the plane the longer you have to wait on the plane for take off. For little ones that waiting can feel agonizing.

Tip #4: Download games, movies, etc beforehand

Don’t pay for wifi. Download whatever games, movies, tv shows etc before getting on the plane or even the airport. Spirit charges for wifi per device which can quickly add up. Download everything you need before you get on the plane to ensure everyone is entertained.


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