how do i keep my baby in cool in summer
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How Do I Keep My Baby Cool In Summer?

Summer is here! One of the first things I asked myself is:

How do I keep my baby cool in summer?

Pay attention to the temperature outside

Summertime can be high temperatures. It is recommended that babies are not in an environment where it is 75 to 80 degrees or higher.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 10am-4pm is the time when the heat may be the most extreme but be sure to check in with your local weather authorities. If it’s too hot, stay in!

Beat the heat

Remember, unlike adults, a baby’s sweat glands are still developing. This means that they do not sweat like us to keep cool.  Babies also tend to heat up more quickly. Make sure you’re keeping your little ones cool. So, how do I keep my baby cool in summer? Keep clothing light-colored, breathable, short-sleeved, and with as little layers as possible. Avoid using blankets to cover strollers or car seats as the could increase heat and risk suffocation. Ensure that everyone stays hydrated. Take time to get some cool air from a fan, air condition, or whatever can provide some coolness. Parking your car in a shaded area, leaving your car windows cracked, and using car shades are all ways to keep your car from getting too hot. Never leave a baby in a car!

Protect again the sun

Limiting sun exposure is just as important as the temperature the sun brings. According to the Skin Care Foundation, sunscreen is not recommended for babies under six months. For those under six months, staying in the shade is the best way to limit sun exposure. After six months, you can use sunscreen but be sure to test on your baby’s skin first. Clothing, hats, sunglasses, bathing suits, strollers, and window coverings that provide UV protection are all beneficial in protecting against the sun. Using umbrellas, trees, pavilions, etc. for shade can help keep shade and limit sun exposure. Remember that early mornings and nightfall are times when the sun exposure may not be such an issue.

Know the signs of  heat related issues in babies

Heat exhaustion, dehydration, heat rashes, sunburn, etc. are all possible even in babies! Make sure you know the signs of heat related issues, how to resolve them, and when to go to the doctor or ER. provides more information for you here.

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