Three Must Have Travel Accessories
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Three Must Have Travel Accessories

Traveling to New Orleans was not only fun but educational in how travel comfortably. Traveling to NOLA solo versus with a child is definitely a different experience. I also gained three must have travel accessories that I will make sure I take with me on all my future travels!

Collapsible Water Bottle

Three Must Have Travel Accessories

I knew that I wanted to ensure my daughter had a water bottle but I didn’t want it to take up too much space within my luggage. Collapsible water bottles like the ones you see pictured above were the answer to my prayers! I could easily clip her bottle to her luggage without an issue. I love how they can expand to fit more liquids as needed and easily fold/collapse when not in use or for smaller amounts. My daughter easily used it frequently during our entire trip and I will buying one for me now too!

AirTag & AirTag Case

I am late to the AirTag game but now that I have discovered them there are one of my favorite must-have travel accessories. AirTags will help you keep track of anything and everything you can think of. Pop them in an AirTag case and clip one on your luggage, purse, or stroller! AirTags will alert you when your item has been left behind and help you easily locate your item or report it as lost.

Croc Platforms

I wanted a pair of shoes that were easy to take off at the airport but I could still dress up while also being comfortable to walk in for extended periods of time. Crocs’ Brooklyn Low Wedge fit the bill. They are easy to take off. They can act as casual or dressy shoes. I walked in them for over four hours with no complaints. I highly recommend not only wearing these daily but packing them on all your trips.

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