Stress Is Not On My Christmas List
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Stress Is Not On My Christmas List

Stress is not on my Christmas list. However, plenty of Americans feel overwhelmed with stressed during the holiday season.  We know stress is no good for us, but how can we keep it at arm’s length in particularly during Christmastime?

 Make your list then check it twice

This includes your to-do list, gift list, invitation list, events list, etc. Make your list. Now check it to see if you really need to do, buy, attend, everything on said list. The holiday season is short. Christmas is a day. You don’t have to do it all, so don’t. You don’t have to see everyone, so decline when you desire to.

Let it go, let it go, let it go!

More than likely the plans that you had for Christmastime will not go exactly the way you wanted to. Let it go. Pivot. Take some deep breaths and move forward without looking back. Holding on to the negative can prevent you from creating and enjoying the positives. In the grand scheme of things, will whatever didn’t work out ruin Christmas? Only if you let it.

A turkey and some mistletoe (aren’t necessary)

You don’t have to cook. If you don’t want a tree, don’t have one. Christmas lights don’t have to be hung. You can go completely traditional or make your own Christmas traditions. Christmas only comes once a year so celebrate it how you’d like with as little stress as possible.

“Although it’s been said, many times, many ways….”

Stress is not fun. Stress isn’t joyful. You don’t need to stress the holidays. Stress is not on my Christmas list and it shouldn’t be on yours either. Enjoy Christmastime. Check in with yourself. When you start to feel the stress take a step back to regroup and recenter. Enjoy this Christmas and beyond with as little stress as possible.



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