Hold onto your (Christmas) Joy
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Hold onto your (Christmas) Joy

Christmas is almost here and I want to tell you something: Hold onto your Christmas joy. Don’t let anyone steal it, diminish it, or keep you from enjoying it. Christmas comes only once a year and if you love Christmas you should enjoy it how you see fit.

My first Christmas with my daughter wasn’t the best…

To make a long story short, before moving back to FL, I didn’t celebrate Christmas as I wanted to. I allowed myself to be discouraged to enjoy Christmas. I chose based on someone else’s lack of joy to not celebrate Christmas in the ways that I love it. So I dimmed my excitement. I decreased the fanfare and traditions. Christmas became simply a day to get through. Guess what? I hated it. I started to dread Christmas because it was something I no longer saw as enjoyable and that in itself was a tragedy.

Christmas today looks different.

Moving back home certainly brought at times some uncomfortable changes. But one of the best changes is that I get to celebrate Christmas how I want. I have continued old traditions and even created new ones. My daughter gets to see my excitement and joy during Christmas. Most of all I decided I would hold onto my Christmas joy no matter what. I decided that I am no longer going to allow anyone to keep me from enjoying Christmastime as I would like. 

Hold onto your joy.

Not just during Christmastime but all the time. You cannot control how others feel but you can control how you respond. Someone else’s lack of joy shouldn’t dim your own. We all deserve joy. So this Christmas enjoy your Christmas joy. Deck the halls. Go caroling. Eat the Christmas ham. Do whatever brings you joy this Christmas. You deserve it.

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