Christmas traditions to start with baby
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Create Christmas Traditions For Your Baby

Three days until Christmas! Who’s excited?

This will be my daughter’s first Christmas and I am excited to engage in some Christmas traditions. Growing up we would decorate our tree, buy ornaments that memorialized our age, send out Christmas cards, attend the family Christmas breakfast, and cook a grand Christmas dinner. Those and so many other traditions I cherish. They defined my Christmases.

Recently, I watched A Bad Mom’s Christmas for the first time ever. Part of the plot focused on Amy and her mother. Amy’s mother sought to have their traditional Christmas while Amy was trying to create her own traditions for Christmas. While the shenanigans that both Amy and her mom pull are exaggerated, the gist of the story resonated with me.

Create Christmas traditions for your baby

Christmas traditions from your childhood are great if you want to continue them. But you don’t have to. Or maybe you make them all your own. It might have been fun as a child buying gifts for the littlest ones in your family. In your own family you may choose to skip the gifts for babies altogether. Even if you spent every Christmas Eve as a child baking cookies, you may choose to spend the night eating pizza and watching movies instead. You may decide to continue the tradition of insisting everyone watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas on December 1st.

Create your own Christmas traditions for your baby. Make Christmas how you and your family want it. You have the opportunity to shape your own Christmas with exactly what you want to do! Traditions evolve, are created, and sometimes are left in the past. For me, the exciting part is knowing that I have an opportunity to give my daughter Christmas traditions to experience. I look forward to her remembering them and deciding which ones she chooses to keep and pass on.

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