Stress Free Thanksgiving
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Stress Free Thanksgiving

Let’s have a stress free Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and if you’re anything like me, it can be a stressful time. But Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a stressful time but a thankful time! But how?

Prioritize what actually needs to get done

Why does it always seem like we have a to-do list an extra mile long during Thanksgiving? Take a moment to make a list and then prioritize what you actually need to do. Be realistic with yourself. Determine if certain things can wait or are even important to do to begin with.

Prep ahead

If you can do it in cook it, dice it, bake it, chop it, baste it, etc in advance do it! Whatever you can do before Thanksgiving to make Thanksgiving day easier get it done. Even things like laying out your clothes, setting the table the night before, or cleaning the guest bathroom can all cut down on the amount of things to do. If it can be done ahead of time, take the time to do it.

Don’t overextend yourself

You do not have to do everything. If taking on certain tasks is too overwhelming decline doing them. If hosting 20 people is too much, don’t do it. Spreading yourself too thin probably won’t make you feel any less stress. Save yourself the stress, time, and energy by declining to do things that overextend you.

Consider the nontraditional Thanksgiving route

I am a firm believer in not cooking for Thanksgiving if you don’t want to. There are so many options outside of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe you opt to host a small brunch affair and enjoy the rest of the day to yourself. Or you might decide to go out for dinner. Perhaps this time around you enjoy Chinese take-out or pizza delivered. Sometimes the best stress free Thanksgiving is the one that isn’t traditional at all.


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