Don't Touch My Child's Hair
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Don’t Touch My Child’s Hair

o tRecently I was inside a store with my two year old daughter. She was in the shopping cart and I was pushing her along while browsing. A woman, let’s name her “Karen”, walked up to my daughter and said hello. While saying hello she decided to touch my child’s hair as part of a greeting. My child who is already cautious around strangers definitely did not like “Karen” touching her hair. I was shocked, speechless, and angry. Don’t touch my child’s hair.

This is a statement, not a request.

I am not asking that you don’t touch my child’s hair. I am telling you. It is not a request. For one, you don’t have consent to do so. Even if you ask the answer is still no. Secondly, you are invading my child’s personal space and upsetting her in the process. Thirdly, she is an African American child who doesn’t deserve any microagression. No child deserves to be touched without consent. But an African American child especially doesn’t deserve their hair to be touched without permission ever.

Think before you act

As an African American woman I have experienced the “Can I touch you hair?” scenarios. However to see it happen to my own child is a whole other experience I was not ready for. It is upsetting. It’s upsetting to my child who doesn’t even fully understand the situation. It makes me angry. So kindly, before you do anything you shouldn’t think before you act? Should you be touching anyone, on any part of their body without permission? To those especially who are not a person of color, do you think what you’re doing is appropriate? If the answer is no don’t do. If you are struggling somehow with an answer, please defer to no. Please and thank you.

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