When You Don't Want To Cook Thanksgiving
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When You Don’t Want To Cook Thanksgiving

I do not like to cook. This is not a secret but a fact. My disinterest in cooking includes a holidays, even Thanksgiving. This may change, but for now, I prefer to let others do the cooking for me. So if/when you don’t want to cook Thanksgiving, I have some suggestions just for you!

What to do when you don’t want to cook Thanksgiving

Go out for Thanksgiving dinner- One quick google search of “restaurants open on Thanksgiving” will provide you an abundance of restaurant options for Thanksgiving day. If you’re looking to skip the google search, Pioneer Woman provides a pretty extensive list of chain restaurants open on Thanksgiving here. If eating locally is more your thing, call your favorite local dining spot to see their Thanksgiving in-person dining options! Whatever restaurant you choose to dine at, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Get your Thanksgiving dinner to go- For those not looking to eat inside a restaurant, the to-go option is ideal. Many restaurants who are open on Thanksgiving provide take home plates or meals for the whole family. Many restaurants require you order Thanksgiving in advance. I would highly recommend ordering your Thanksgiving meal in as much advance time as possible. Order your meal and pick it up quickly inside or with curbside pick up if they provide it!

Utilize oven ready Thanksgiving meals- Oven ready Thanksgiving meals are great if you don’t mind using your kitchen but want all the prep work done for you. Think precooked mashed potatoes, heat/eat turkey, and oven ready stuffing. Oven ready meals are typically available from your favorite restaurant, grocery store (think Whole Foods), or meal kit subscription like Blue Apron.

Head to a friend or family’s house- Even though I am not cooking on Thanksgiving, I know at least one friend or family member who is. I’m pretty sure you may know someone who’s cooking this Thanksgiving too. If they want to cook, let them! I never say no to a good free meal and why you should you? Enjoy Thanksgiving at a friend or family’s house stress free!

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