Indoor Places To Take Your Baby
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Indoor Places To Take Your Baby

According to John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, there is no exact time period to wait before venturing outside of your home with your baby.  Yes, we should make sure vaccines for our little one are up to date and we do our best to protect their still developing immune systems. But, going out has many benefits for parents and babies. In the event that being outdoors isn’t an option or you’d rather stay inside, I have five indoor places to to take your baby!

5 Indoor Places To Take Your Baby

Mommy/Daddy & Me classes

If you google “baby classes near me” you’ll probably find plenty of options. These usually fall under Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me classes. Many provide classes for those little ones just weeks old. These classes can give you not only an opportunity for guided bonding with your baby but a chance to connect with other parents!


Aquariums are indoor zoos of the sea. There is plenty to see and hear when at the aquarium. In my experience, aquariums are much quieter, calmer, and darker than zoos due to all the aquatic animals. For me, that means a less stressful experience than I might have at the zoo.  If your aquarium doesn’t offer early entry (some do) consider going first thing in the morning or right before closing to avoid crowds.


A visit to the mall can be a great sensory experience for your little one and a low-stress way to step out the house. Enjoy window shopping, a casual lunch, or a bit of shopping. As with the aquarium, going to the mall as soon as they open or right before closing can provide a quieter experience if you’re looking just to walk around. 


Museums provide many opportunities for babies to take in plenty of sights and sounds! Plenty of museums especially children’s museums offer spaces for babies and parents to have fun! Museums are also places where the noise level may not be as loud as other spaces. Many museums also may offer classes and guided activities for you and your baby.

Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds are just as they sound and one of my favorite places to go when it gets too hot out! They are spaces for children to play inside. Some offer playground sets, trampolines, rock climbing, or all three. Others provide spaces for children to play as doctors, beauticians, cooks, firefighters, or other occupations. While indoor playgrounds can get loud and busy, many provide quieter areas and toys for younger children including babies. They also may provide designated times or days for certain age groups. 

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