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Baby Beach Essentials

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Summertime is coming to an end way faster for me than I anticipated. However, in Florida, it seems that summer never really ends. Recently my mom, daughter, and I decided to go the beach on a whim. I very haphazardly threw together a “beach bag” and off we went! We had a good time but I realized I needed a go-to guide for myself for our next beach adventure. After giving it some thought, I came up with my own baby beach essentials. Enjoy!

Baby Beach Essentials

A beach bag

Just like diaper bags, there are plenty of beach bags out there. However, I look for the ones that are waterproof, sand-proof, has plenty of inside/outside pockets, has insulation pockets, and has a detachable cooler. JIANYA’s beach bag found on Amazon checks all the boxes I am looking for!

Swimsuits & Swim Diapers

RuffleButts by far has my favorite swimsuit options for girls while RuggedButts has great options for boys. Both are known for having UP 50+ protective swimwear which is what I suggest you look for when purchasing swimwear. Swim diapers can be reusable or disposable although I prefer disposable. I suggest bringing at least one extra bathing suit and at least two pair of swim diapers for shorter trips to the beach. Bring more for longer amounts of time.

Sunscreen & Hat

According to the FDA sunscreen should not be used on children less than six months old. Instead the recommend that you keep your baby covered up and in shaded predominately (read my post for more). For those older than six months, sunscreen is important for a day out on the beach. Thinkbaby SPF 50+ Baby Sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens I’ve used thus far. It is a natural, vegan, and mineral sunscreen that I not only use on my daughter but for me as well! Even with sunscreen, I always make sure my little one has a hat. Hats that not only keep your baby’s head but neck covered are the ones I prefer.

Beach shoes & sunglasses

Florida sandy beaches can get hot. Baby beach shoes can protect your little one’s feet. Sunglasses protect your little one’s eyes and keep the sun from hurting their eyes. Find ones that include an adjustable strap and plenty of UV protection.

Baby ointment, baby powder,  & first aid kit

Baby ointment like Burt’s Bees Baby Healing Ointment has so many uses! It can be used for diaper rashes, moisturizing skin, taking care of cuts. Baby powder is a great way to get excess sand off you and your baby! First aid kit is good to have for incidents that require more than ointment.

Towels and & wet/dry bags

You can’t forget towels! You don’t have to buy special beach towels, you can simply use the baby towels or regular towels you have for your little ones. Wet/dry bags are great to store soiled diapers, wet swimsuits, or anything valuable you may want to keep sand/water free.

Stainless Steel Bottle, Baby Bottles/Sippy Cups, and Food

Rather than pack individual bottles of milk in your cooler, place your milk in a stainless steel bottle. These bottles can keep your milk cool and come in variety of sizes. Make sure to bring bottles or sippy cups for your little ones to drink out of. Having enough food for your beach trip is just as important! If your little isn’t using premade pouches or jars there are plenty of options to store food. Consider stackable containers, bento boxes, or reusable sandwich bags

Beach Tent & Small Blanket 

I know the beach umbrella, chairs, and blanket are the classic go to but the beach tent to me is the replacement for all three! A beach tent can provide plenty of shade, privacy, and room to spread out. I do suggest a small receiving blanket for your little one to lay on if they do need to take a nap. Muslin cotton blankets are breathable and you can have a simple receiving or swaddling blanket.

Extra outfit, diapers, and wipes

There are times where the beach is not your last destination.  Having an outfit packed complete with diapers and wipes ensures that your little one doesn’t have to spend the rest of the day in a swimsuit or swim diaper.

Enjoy your day at the beach!


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