benefits of taking your baby outside
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Benefits of Taking Your Baby Outside

There are plenty of places indoor and out to take your baby. But have you ever thought: What are the benefits of taking your baby outside your home? 

5 Benefits of Taking Your Baby Outside

Development of senses & brain

When we take our little ones out, the potential for them to experience new sights, sounds, smells, taste, and touch are endless. Your baby is born with all five senses. Stepping outside the home can provide plenty of opportunities for your baby to develop and expose their senses to new things! Exposure to new things also leads to brain stimulation and development. Even a quick walk outside can provide new information to our babies!

Opportunities to expand communication and language skills

Taking your baby outside provides plenty of moments to communicate with your baby. You can narrate what you all are doing, provide words to what they are drawn to, or just let them babble. Being outside the home also provides space for your little one to hear others talk too. 

Potential to improve baby’s health and immune systems

There are studies that have found that time spent outdoors can improve a baby’s health. While being outside the home does expose our little one to various germs, doing so can actually build baby’s immune systems. Strengthening their immune systems also can potentially prevent allergies and auto-immune disorders. 

Fosters curiosity

Whether you’re outside in nature or just in a different environment, for a baby everything is new. There is plenty to explore and experience. You can encourage your baby to be curious when outside. Curiosity can lead to development of critical thinking, motor, and problem-solving skills. 

Better sleep

All the movement, development, and exposure to new things can lead to one tired baby by bedtime. Melatonin, a hormone that helps with sleep, is produced when we our exposed to the sun. Also, spending time in natural light, particularly in the late afternoons to early evening can help a baby netter regulate their sleep-wake cycle. 

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