Choosing to Date as a Single Mom
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Choosing to Date as a Single Mom

It’s been over a year now since I restarted my life in Florida. Although I am not exactly where I want to be, I am in a better space than when I started. I’ve stuck my pinky toe in dating since the dissolution of my previous relationship but haven’t really taken it seriously. This year however I am intentionally choosing to date as a single mom.

What does that even mean?

intentional (adj.)- done on purpose
synonyms: conscious, calculated, deliberate

I’m dating with a purpose. I’ve read the dating books, completed the reflection journals, listened to the podcasts, and graduated from therapy. There is a list of desires, red flags, and non-negotiable traits I am seeking in a partner. I even now have in my possession two little black dresses.

Why am I doing this?

My less serious answer is because I don’t want to die alone. More seriously, I am choosing to date as a single mom in hopes to find my lifetime partner. Also, I want to face my fears and dating is one of those fears. Dating has changed a lot since I was last single. At this point I am not really confident in what I am doing. But there are billions of people in this world and I am (cautiously) open to meeting as many as it takes to meet my one. How hard can it be?

Here goes nothing…

For better or for worse I am going to date intentionally. I’ve got my app (I’ve got to start somewhere). My little black dresses are patiently hanging in my closet. I have at least three photos I don’t hate. My bio has been carefully crafted with some assistance. Worst case scenario I die an old maid. Best case scenario I meet someone and live happily ever after. I’m hoping for the best case scenario.


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