The Power of Celebration

The Power of Celebration

I will be 32 this weekend and I feel like celebrating! Birthday or not I do love a good celebration big or small. Have you ever heard of the power of celebration? Huffpost wrote a whole article on it. Essentially celebration is gratitude. The power of celebration is the power to show gratitude. It makes sense right? 

Scientifically, what happens when we celebrate (very similar to “gratitude practices”) is we release endorphins in our system. The benefits of celebration and the releasing of endorphins to the brain include: easing of depression, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting self-esteem, reduced weight, and even reduction of pain.
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The power of celebration can be a form a self-care. It can have mental, emotional, and even physical benefits! So why should we limit ourselves to how often we celebrate? I don’t want to wait until my birthday. I don’t want to wait until someone else’s birthday or the next major holiday. Everyday and any moment can be an opportunity for celebration.

In looking back on the first few months of motherhood, I wish I would have celebrated myself more. Motherhood isn’t easy. Sometimes the fact I took a shower or put on something than other a bathrobe could have been celebrated. Transitioning into my single motherhood could have been celebrated. Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday that we forget to celebrate the small milestones we achieve.

Think about how often you celebrate your child. When they give you a big hug, take their first step, say their name for the first time. We celebrate our children frequently without a second thought. What if we did the same to and for ourselves? You made the bed today? Celebrate yourself. Got through the workday minimally annoyed? Celebrate yourself. Completed all your errands? CELEBRATE YOURSELF. Show yourself gratitude. 

Do a little dance. Maybe speak aloud a positive affirmation. Treat yourself to coffee. Netflix and chill. Take the vacation. No matter what is, just take a moment to lean into the power of celebration. After all, you deserve to be celebrated.

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