becoming a single mom
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Becoming A Single Mom

I have recently become a single mom. Becoming a single mom isn’t what I want but I know that it’s what I need. My relationship with my daughter’s father is one of my fallen things

Becoming a single mom is not a choice I made lightly.

In my experience, ending a relationship is a lot easier when it does not involve children. The only feelings to consider is one another’s. While ending the relationship will impact your life as adults we have or can obtain the tools to handle our emotions in a mature way. When there’s children involved, even the smallest of children are affected. Even if you handle everything the very best way possible, children do not handle and process separation like adults. Being a child of divorced parents motivated me to strive to make it work longer than I probably should have. But at some point I had to ask: Is staying better than separating?

While this dissolution is painful, I have chose not to suffer. 

I chose to be happy. I chose for my daughter to see me genuinely happy. The choice I have made is what I believe is the best decision for me and my child. My choice is painful but does not come with suffering. Better doesn’t have to mean together no matter how much I may want that. I choose to be happy even if it means the end of a relationship.

Becoming a single mom is a new journey.

Being single is one thing. Being a single mom is something that is completely new to me. Life is different. Maybe I won’t be single forever. For now though, this new journey has begun. I definitely didn’t have a plan before. I definitely do not have one for being a single mom now.  But, I’ve come this far.

If I can handle having a baby in two day’s notice, I think I can handle being a single mom too.

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