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Brunch With Friends

Saturday I recently had brunch with friends. It had been a long time since all four of us had gone to our favorite restaurant, LouVino, for my personal favorite meal. COVID, pregnancies, children, and just life in general had kept us all busy. Even though we kept in contact through group texts there’s something special about brunch when we all get together.

Brunch with friends is a special occasion.

It’s a time away from children and significant others. We have a chance to relax. We get to vent about the stress or work or the worries we have about our families. Brunch is a time to laugh, listen, and sometimes cry. There’s plenty of food, drinks, and fun. Most of the time it last well past brunch hours and never at the restaurant we started with. It’s time to recharge ourselves and remind us why we are friends.

Before having my daughter I didn’t appreciate the value of our brunches. With no children of my own brunch was just another fun weekend adventure. I didn’t have to check my schedule. There was no need to worry how long I was out. But then I had my daughter and I learned firsthand just how special these brunches are.

Brunches are a part of my self-care. It’s a time that I get to socialize with friends who I love. The time I spend with them is precious. They listen, cheer, and are shoulders to lean on. It may take some coordination and checking of schedules a few times. They may not happen as often as we like. Babysitters might need to be arranged or even kids brought with us but it is worth it. Just for a hour or a few we get to enjoy one another’s company. I look forward to our continued friendships and brunches that make them even more special.

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