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Travel Essentials For Toddlers

My daughter and I are going on our first plane ride since she was a little over a year old. Traveling with an infant is very different from traveling with a toddler. I have my travel essentials for toddlers!

Personal Bag & Packing Cubes

Travel Essentials For ToddlersTravel Essentials For Toddlers
I enjoy traveling light. The less bags the better. Lands’ End Canvas Weekender Duffle Bag and Small Travel Packing Cube are my go to items. The weekender duffle bag is the only bag I have come across that has the exact measurements required to be considered a personal bag on Spirit and Frontier airlines. Packing cubes are great to keep clothes organized and you can find them anywhere. However I love LandsEnd products because you can customize them with your name, initials, etc!

Foldable Bag for Diapers+

Now that my daughter is two, diaper bags no longer come on the plane with us for free. Which means I need a bag that won’t take up much room to act as a diaper bag once we arrive to our destination. Bags designed to easily fold up or a tote bag are a great way to ensure you have a bag just for diapers, wipes, etc.

Stroller & Car Seat (If needed)

Most airlines do not count strollers and/or carseats as extra luggage. Taking your own stroller and car sear seat are travel essentials for toddlers. It’s a lot cheaper than renting either. While I do recommend always having a stroller you may not need a car seat to come with you if you don’t plan on using a car. Bring what is best for you based on your needs.

Diapers (or training underwear), wipes, and clothing

Gotta make sure you have plenty of diapers, wipes, and clothing! If you’re little one is being potty trained make sure you have training underwear packed too! I would advise packing what they’re going to wear and a few back up outfits as well. 

PJs, swimsuits, shoes, and socks

Am I the only one who has packed clothes but forgot about pjs, swimsuits, shoes, and socks? These are traveling essentials for toddlers too! Also important to remember: if you are bringing swimsuits don’t forget sunscreen and swim diapers!

Toiletries & Hair Care Products

If your child has sensitive skin or you don’t want them to use hotel shampoo, soap, etc make sure you pack what they need in accordance to TSA rules. Don’t forget their toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair care products. 

Entertainment for the plane ride

It could be coloring books, puzzle, tablet, etc. Whatever you feel is going to keep your little one occupied I highly suggest you have on ready for them!

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