It's About Memories Not Remembering
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It’s About Memories Not Remembering

Why are you doing ________? It’s not like they’re going to remember it.

Anyone ever been told this? I first remember being told this when I was contemplating taking my daughter to Disney World as an infant. I let myself become discouraged and ended up not taking her. But then I felt like I began to hear it more. Anything considered elaborate, too much, etc is questioned of it’s purpose because children will be too small to remember. But it’s about memories, not remembering.

I’ll be the first to admit I love to celebrate with pizzazz. I enjoy giving gifts. She’s my daughter and I want to celebrate her as much as I can afford to. If I can upgrade or add to an experience I will. I don’t think my child remembering should stop me from creating amazing experiences and memories with her.

Can you remember the first time your parents held you? Do you remember your first step? I’m pretty sure you don’t. But I am sure your parents do. You may not remember the first time you were held but I bet you have memories of being loved. You may not remember your first step but your body has developed memories so that you can walk today. Just because you don’t remember doesn’t take away from your parents’ memories.

It’s about memories not remembering.

The human mind and body is complex. We may not remembered every detail or event but they create memories that shape who we are as individuals. We may not remember but in this digital age there are so many ways to document moments big and small. Will our newborn, toddler, or child remember all the things we did on the big trip? Nope. Could they appreciate it more when they’re older? Probably so. Should you take the trip anyway? If you want. 

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