Self-Care Thoughts on Motherhood

Sometimes Mom Needs A Break

The last time I blogged was right before Mother’s Day. Since and a bit before then, my life has been more stressful than normal. Typically I can balance my stress but it seems that there hasn’t been enough time to do so. I feel as if one thing after another keeps coming at me without much time to address let alone resolve my issues. I would like to very much catch up but right now I am getting some much needed rest. Sometimes mom needs a break.

They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what if you’re too tired or just don’t feel like making it? So, for me at least, when life gives you lemons you have someone make the lemonade for you. Which is why I am in my hometown, surrounded by family, and enjoying the Florida sunshine. My plan is to relax. No stress. Allow myself to put the stress of home in a box in the back of my mind while I am on vacation.

Sometimes mom needs a break.

Sometimes I don’t think I deserve it. However, self-care is not selfish. I have to continuously remind myself of this. Breaks are allowed even in motherhood. Breaks do not mean that we stop being a mother. But they can mean that for a bit of time we can focus on ourselves and what we need.  So that’s what I am doing right now. Relaxing. Resting. Taking time for myself. I will eventually find myself back in balance but for now I am not going to focus on issues. Life is too short. I am going to catch up on some shows. Maybe I will finish the book I renewed from the library for the last time. I will definitely have a large piece (or two) of Key Lime Pie.

For now, I have temporarily traded my lemons for oranges and life is sweet.

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