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Mother’s Day My Way

This Mother’s Day looks different than last year. My daughter isn’t three months old. I am not still in shock that I gave birth to her only two days before learning I was 35 weeks pregnant. While I’m still fairly new to motherhood I’m feel way more confident in myself than I did a year ago. This year I want to celebrate me.

So, I want Mother’s Day my way.

Before becoming a mother, I didn’t give too much thought to Mother’s Day. When I was younger I made sure my mom received a gift from me with plenty of affection and extra care to be on my best behavior. Once I was older and moved away, I always made sure my mother got a gift, phone call, and video call from me. But I never actually asked or thought about what she wanted to do. It never occurred to me to ask.

One year and a couple months of being of mom has me looking forward to Mother’s Day. There are now only two days out of the year that can be truly all about me: Mother’s Day and my birthday. Why wouldn’t I be celebrated in the way that I wish?

If I want to be kids free for the day why not? Hotel for the day, is it so wrong? If I want Sunday brunch surrounded by friends and family, I should be able to do that too. Mother’s Day should be about mom. So let’s normalize doing what mom wants to do. Let’s normalize moms not feeling guilty for doing what they’d like on their day! Let’s normalize not trying to guilt moms for what they want and choose to do on Mother’s Day.

This year I’m doing Mother’s Day my way guilt free. I hope you get to as well.

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