you are more than a mom
Thoughts on Motherhood

You Are More Than A Mom

We are not born mothers, we become them.

Before becoming a mother, I was just me. I became someone’s daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and even aunt. At some point I became someone’s classmate and student. Before motherhood I first became someone’s friend and significant other. I also became someone’s employee, work colleague, and customer. Growing up I became a football fan, foodie, and lover of books. 

I was all of these things before becoming a mother. I am still all of these things while being a mother. But sometimes we put the things that we became before motherhood to the side. Sometimes we focus so much on our roles as mothers that we significantly diminish or completely ignore the other parts of us.

You are more than a mom.

Being a mom is part of who you are but not all that you are. You are a mother and so much more! Making time and caring for all parts of you is not selfish. You can still be a crafter, world traveler, photographer, and mom. Being these things does not diminish your role as a mother. Motherhood may change you but it does not have to completely define you.

Make time to nurture all parts of you.

At some point our children will be independent from us. They will have their own identities, relationships, roles, and likes. Like any relationship, I believe that you should have your life that is independent of your child and the life in which you two share together. Who will you be if your identity is dependent on your child? Make time for all parts of you. Throw dinner parties if a part of you loves to entertain. Go hiking if that’s what you have always enjoyed doing.

Who you are before motherhood does not have to end when your journey of motherhood begins.


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