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Have Yourself A Stress-Free Christmas

Two Days Until Christmas!

How is everyone feeling? Excited, happy, or cautiously optimistic? Do you feel stress? Stress is common and often during the holiday season especially during Christmas. According to the National Institute of Mental Health stress can cause a lot of problems. Those problems can include lack of sleep, headaches, and body pain. Who wants that during Christmas? Stress isn’t fun and definitely not part of the Spirit of Christmas. Let’s instead opt for a stress-free Christmas.

What is a stress-free Christmas?

Stress-free means we’re not going to overwhelm ourselves. We are going to do what we can if we want to. If we don’t want to buy baby gifts we’re not going to because they’re not necessary. Better yet if we choose not buy gifts for anyone we’re not going to work ourselves up over it. No one spends what they don’t have. If we don’t want to cook we don’t and if we do want to cook it comes from a place of love not obligation.

Christmas without stress is the best

For me, Christmas isn’t about the tree, the decorations, the gifts, or the food. Those are all great additions but at the core of Christmas to me is enjoying those you love close up, from a distance, or just in memory. You should be relaxed and can you really relax when you’re stressed? Don’t wrap those gifts if you don’t want to. Wake up late Christmas day if you want. Stay in your pajamas if that what makes you happy. Leave the Christmas dinner early or come late if it eliminates the stress. Have pizza or Chinese take out if it makes life easier. No matter what you decide leave the stress behind. Take care of yourself.

Have yourself a stress-free little Christmas
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