first time mom for christmas
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A First Time Mom For Christmas

Christmas Eve is Here!

Anyone doing any last minute Christmas Eve shopping? Everyone have their Christmas dinner plans finalized? Are you frantically cleaning your home? Have you made time to sit back, breathe, and relax? As a first time mom for Christmas I can say that things look different than last year.

I am a first time mom for Christmas

It is my daughter’s first Christmas and Christmas Eve. It is my first Christmas and Christmas Eve as a mother. Ten months ago this tiny human entered into this world without me ever realizing she was growing in me. Now here I am watching The Holiday while my daughter happily plays with wrapping paper. I cannot be happier to be a first time mom for Christmas.

My hope for you all today and tomorrow is that each and every one of you take time to be with those you can, reach out to the ones you can’t be with, and celebrate the memories of those who are no longer here. I hope you get to partake in your traditions old and new. May you have  a stress free day today and tomorrow.

I look forward to the day my daughter can remember her Christmases. I’m excited for when she can help decorate our home and complain about how lame Christmas pictures are as I make her do it anyway. There will be moments when she and I can read together ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas together. I may shed a happy tear when she brings me her first handmade ornament or a special Christmas picked just for me. Someday I hope to see her invite friends, significant others, and grandkids come home for these times too. There is much to look forward to and hope for.

This Christmas and Christmas Eve I wish you well. I hope all of you enjoy today and tomorrow. I know I will.

With Love,
Mom With No Plan

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