first New Year Eve as a mom
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My First New Year Eve As A mom

This is my first New Year Eve as a mom

Is it just me, or has this year just raced by? It’s hard to believe I am celebrating it’s my first New Year Eve as a mom. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were celebrating the start of 2021 with plenty of hopes and resolutions. Now here we are ready to welcome 2022 and I can truly say that this year was one I won’t forget.

I had a lot of plans for myself in 2021. I was going to travel, read more, lose weight, and visit with family. For 2021 I wanted to find a new job, learn some Yoga outside of YouTube, and be better with my money. Then , one day in February, in the span of  48 hours (give or take) I found I was pregnant and had a baby.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan

I did manage to travel just mostly to visit family. I have read more, but I found myself immersed in parenting and children books than anything else. Motherhood became my new job and the funds I used to spend on take-out was now used for baby food. I managed to lose some weight post-baby and did Yoga outside once.

My 2021 resolutions weren’t reached like I thought they would be. But I am thankful for the ability to even reach them in the first place. I am learning that it’s ok when things sometimes don’t go the way you want. You can pivot, breathe, and regroup. Life is not perfect and it does not move in a straight line. I can make plans and have them fall through without having a complete meltdown. My first New Year Eve as a mom is exactly as it should be.

2022 I am looking forward to traveling to see friends and family. I want to read books for my pleasure or at the very least a magazine. Losing weight…well we’ll see. Overall though I wish for good health, happiness most of the time, and daily doses of love. I hope all of you find the same.

2022 Here We Come!

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