Babies Do Not Need Christmas Gifts
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Babies Do Not Need Christmas Gifts

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is here and giving gifts seems to be at an all time high. By the time Black Friday arrived I had a seemingly never-ending list of items I wanted my daughter to have for her first Christmas. I had a whole other list of gifts of things that I wanted to give to family and friends to celebrate my daughter’s first Christmas. As you could probably guess, the financial dent my pockets would take, was going to be very large. Even with trimming and cross-checking sales at way too many stores there was no denying that. But as I sat down and reevaluated, I had to admit to myself that much of what I was trying to do was unnecessary.

Babies do not need Christmas gifts

Let’s be honest, babies are not going to remember what you gift them. Babies do not care about the latest new toy. More than likely, they’ll be playing with the boxes the toys come out of or the paper they are wrapped in. Babies do not need Christmas gifts. Most toys will eventually be donated or tossed. Babies are in a very fast moving developmental time in their life. They will not care how much you spent or how many gifts they have. Consider creating a gift list or registry with things that your child needs and a couple of toys or books like I did here.

Don’t break the bank on family and friends

If you’re like me, you want to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas with everyone! But if I am honest, the best thing I did was decide to create photo gifts. I decided to get professional photos done and purchase a digital album only. After that, it doesn’t take much to create Christmas cards, ornaments, photobooks, or a photo in a sentimental frame. If you’re one who loves to host and up for visitors, consider having a holiday party where everyone can see your little one. Create a holiday picture backdrop in your home where family and friends can take a picture with your baby. No matter what you decide, I have learned that family and friends would much rather have a photo gift than anything else.

The holidays aren’t about how much you can spend

DON’T GO BROKE ON GIFTS. The holidays are not about gifts. They are not about money. Spend what you can afford and if you don’t want to spend at all, don’t. Focus on the memories and the celebrating. Enjoy the moments and remind yourself of what’s important. Don’t stress the gifts but enjoy the giving.

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