Best Products I Bought on Amazon 2023
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Best Products I Bought on Amazon 2023

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Like many people I spent a lot of 2023 shopping online, primarily on Amazon. Below are four products of the best products I bought on Amazon in 2023!

ASICS Women’s Japan S PF Sportstyle Shoes

Best Products I Bought on Amazon 2023

I have flat feet and was on a seemingly never-ending quest for shoes that I could wear all day in comfort. Not only did I want them to be comfortable but I wanted them to be stylish as well. My mom suggested I look into ASICS. I found these platform sneakers and I am obsessed. You can easily wear them all day. You can wear them casually with jeans or with a little black dress. These are my cute “mom shoes”.

FHELAD Diaper Bag

About four months into 2023 I realized I no longer needed a big diaper bag for my daughter. It was time to downsize! The FHELAD diaper has met my needs. Use the strap to carry the bag on your shoulder or convert into backpack. The bag also comes with stroller straps. It has nine storage pockets including insulated area for your bottles or juice. This bag has come with me just about everywhere and is still my go-to diaper bag today!

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

I try hard to not purchase items simply based on brand or label. I didn’t own any Apple products until 2023. But I can confidently say I enjoy my AirPods more than any other headphones I have previously purchased. They fit in my ear without issue and I can wear them for extended periods of time without being bothered. The sound quality is great and they block outside noise extremely well. I use them effortlessly across all my products including my TV! Charging case is fast and compact. I use them everyday!

Bluey – 13″ Talking Plush

Last but certainly not least is Bluey. My daughter LOVES BLUEY. I can’t remember exactly when I purchased this talking version of Bluey but I do know one thing: BLUEY GOES EVERYWHERE. If you don’t believe check out my Instagam. I actually have two so I can wash the other without a meltdown. This particular Bluey says some fun phrases straight from her show and plays her theme song as well. She is the best of 2023 at least as far as my 2yo is concerned.

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