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Thankful To Be A Mom On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

While I have had many Thanksgivings in which to be thankful, this is the first in which I have a child to share it with. Looking back from last November to now I have much to be thankful for. I know it may be cliché but it’s the truth. I am thankful to be a mom on Thanksgiving.

From last November until now, so much has happened. Last November I was unknowingly about 6 months pregnant and cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Three months later I gave birth to my daughter. She was born beautiful, healthy, and 100% healthy. I am thankful.

Upon her birth, we had nothing for her. Family and friends quickly came together to ensure when we left the hospital we didn’t need or want for anything. I am thankful.

I created this blog as an outlet for myself. Never could I imagine it would begin to grow and develop as a resource for parents especially new mothers. I never expected Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, to gain traction. And yet, here I am. I am thankful.

My daughter is growing and flourishing. She started as this tiny little human. Now she has learned to roll over, crawl, and sit up. Her personality is beginning to shape. Before I know it she will be walking and talking. Maybe she’ll even watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with me. 

I am thankful to be a mom on Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving I may be more thankful and reflective than before. My Thanksgivings are forever changed. I think now they’ll be measured by if my daughter is with me or not. I hope I have plenty with her before I experience them without her.

My Thanksgiving hope for all of you is that you get to spend time with those you love. I hope you have an opportunity to give thanks. Today no matter how you choose to celebrate, you celebrate in a way that makes you happy.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mom With No Plan

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