new year resolutions you can start any time
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New Year Resolutions You Can Start Any Time

We’re already more than halfway through January 2023! How is everyone’s New Year resolutions going? Maybe you don’t have any? Perhaps you’ve told yourself you’re going to start fresh in February? Wherever you are on your resolutions journey, it is never too late to add new ones, try again with the old ones, or just start working on resolutions. No matter the time of year I have some New Year resolutions you can start any time!

3 New Year Resolutions You Can Start Any Time

Drink more water and less non water drinks.

The benefits of drinking water or overflowing. Ask yourself how much water do you drink versus, soda, bottle teas, sports drinks, coffee, etc? If your answer is less water, consider ways you can fit more water into your day and reduce the other beverages. You don’t need to go out and buy a giant water bottle or swear off your morning coffee. Maybe you have a glass of water before your coffee. You might decide to limit the amount of soda you consume in a week. Whatever you choose, increasing your water intake is a resolution you can start whenever you choose!

Have at least one meal sitting at a table with no screens.

Call it traditional or old school but having a meal sitting at a table without phones, television, tablets, etc is an overlooked action. Many of us are regularly on the go and multitasking even when we eat. But what if you intentionally chose to have one meal a day without rushing or multitasking? What if you just sat down, ate a meal, and enjoyed it alone or with others? It’s a small resolution with the opportunity for long-term rewards.

Create and implement a morning or night routine.

One of my new year resolutions was to develop and use a morning and night routine. Nothing grand but a few tasks I wanted to do each and every morning as well as evening. So far it’s been going well. My routines help me feel organized and prepared for the day or day ahead. Consider establishing a morning or nighttime routine for yourself. You can make it as detailed or simple as you’d like as long as it’s a routine that you can complete daily.


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