My Kid Comes First When Dating
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My Kid Comes First When Dating

I’m still new to the dating world but there is one thing I know for sure: my kid comes first when dating. Choosing to date intentionally is different from casually dating. I am hoping to meet someone I could share the rest of my life with. A HUGE part of my life involves my child. A primary part of my life currently is being a mother who has a child to take care. Dating is intentional but it is not my priority. My child is.

No, I am not going to change my mind.

MY KID COMES FIRST WHEN DATING. This is not going to change as long as I am dating. My child was there before I chose to date again. She will be here during my process of dating. If a date doesn’t work out, she will be here after I stop dating someone. So no, I am not going to change my mind. My child coming first is not up for debate. Telling you that my child is my priority is not a challenge. You are not competing for your priority in my life and even if you were, you would lose.

If “my kid comes first” bothers you, please move along.

Does “my kids comes first” need to be said? I wish it didn’t but here we are. There are people out there that are offended because they aren’t the priority in a single parent’s life. There are people that are tired of seeing “kids come first” but guess what? If more people respected that statement without it being said there wouldn’t be a need for it. If you are a person who is bothered by “kids come first” please don’t waste your time or mine.  I respect your decisions and I hope you can respect mine.


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