Thursday, September 28, 2023
Mom rage, anger, and frustration is real
Thoughts on Motherhood

Mom rage, anger, and frustration is real

Mom rage, anger, and frustration is real. Lately I’ve been feeling it more so than usual. It seems like in the past month or so, my daughter has been pushing my boundaries and testing my limits. There are people who say to not call it the “terrible twos” but honestly if this is what two looks like, I am not looking forward to it.

There are days where I feel like there is way more crying than usual. I know for sure there are new behaviors that I have never seen in my daughter like hitting, throwing, and fits of anger when she can’t get her way. While I know that this is a perfectly normal stage in my daughter’s life, it does’t make it any less easier. And while there is plenty of discussion surrounding the “terrible twos” in relation to how your toddler is feeling, there is less conversation around how parents especially moms feel.

Mom rage, anger, and frustration is real

There are times when I find myself incredible angry, frustrated, and annoyed with my daughter. There are days when not so kind thoughts towards my daughter formulate in my mind. I have moments when I yell. Many times I’ve had to remove myself from my daughter so I can breathe or at least think angry thoughts alone until I’ve calmed down. 

My child can’t help the changes she’s experiencing. There’s no ill intent in her behaviors. However I was not prepared to feel anger. Anger in motherhood isn’s something commonly talked about. I feel guilty and even ashamed at times that I feel angry. But anger like any other emotion is part of being human. Just like my daughter is learning to manage her anger, apparently so am I. I’ve been told that sometimes the best way to teach is to lead by example. Gonna take it one temper tantrum or angry moment from the either of us, at a time.

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