items you don't need on your baby registry
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Items You Don’t Need On Your Baby Registry

Every mom has their baby registry must haves and items you don’t need on your baby registry. Even though I didn’t get to make a baby registry before my daughter came, I have my own list of baby registry essentials. In a year’s time there has been plenty of items that I have never used and given away. Here’s my take on what you don’t need!

Ten Items You Don’t Need On Your Baby Registry

Wipe Warmer

I remember when my mom first came to visit she asked me why I wasn’t using a warm rag or warm wipes to wipe my daughter. I didn’t think it made a difference but upon her continued questioning I broke down and got a wipe warmer. Honestly? It did not make a difference. I am pretty sure my daughter doesn’t care what temperature her wipes are as long as they’re not really cold or extremely hot. Plus, many wipe warmers end up drying out your wipes. Skip it. Trust me, you don’t need it.

Bottle Warmer

To warm or not warm your baby’s bottle, that is the question. There were some that were shocked to hear that I was giving my baby refrigerated milk. So I bought a bottle warmer. Turns out, babies don’t actually need warm milk. Per an article featured on, there is no concrete evidence to say that cold milk is harmful or that warm milk is more beneficial. Temperature of your baby’s milk is your personal preference. Just make sure you are thawing, warming, and feeding your baby milk in a safe manner. You can do all those things without a bottle warmer.

Bottle Sterilizer

My daughter got thrush shortly after she was born. In my overzealousness to resolve thrush I went out and bought a bottle sterilizer. I quickly realized that thrush was common in small babies under six months and that there was no need for a bottle sterilizer. Can it be convenient? Yes. But placing your bottles in boiling water is a much cheaper alternative. If you have an electric tea kettle just fill it up, place your bottles in a bowl, and pour the water over them when the water is ready. No bottle sterilizer needed.

Changing Tables

Changing tables are not mobile. They can’t come with you into your living room or home office. Changing tables can be bulky and take up unnecessary space. Changing tables can also be expensive. You know what doesn’t have these issues? Changing pads. You can take them wherever you want. They don’t take up space. They are not expensive and you can have more than one. Any surface can be a changing table with a changing pad. Skip the changing tables. Buy the changing pads instead.

Baby Shoes

Unless your baby’s pediatrician recommends them, your baby is walking, or you’re using them to protect your baby’s feet, shoes are not necessary. According to an article in Sandford Health, baby shoes don’t have any benefits for babies’ feet. Also, your baby’s feet are going to grow and can grow quickly. I bought a pair of baby shoes for my daughter and two weeks later they were too small for her. Opt for socks instead.

Diaper Genie

Essentially, a diaper genie is trash can that’s advertised to be used specifically for diapers. It’s expensive, unnecessary, and it forces you to use bags that only fit the Diaper Genie which in turn cost more money. A normal trash can and trash bags will do, trust me.

Baby Toys

Babies cannot interact with toys for the first few months of their life. Although independent play can be great to teach your little one, interactive play with you is going to be priority. Also, even though there are plenty of toys out there your baby may not take to many or even most of them. They will grow out of or become uninterested in many of their toys. While the jumperoos and walkers may seem like the toys to buy, they too are unnecessary. Babies will stand, talk, sit-up, and walk on their own time. They don’t necessarily need the assistance of developmental toys. Consider shifting your focus on putting children’s books on your registry. They will outlive the use of most toys.

Baby Food Maker

I had told myself I would make my daughter’s baby food. It’s been a year and I have not. Baby food makers can be practical for those who choose to use it. However, I recommend holding off on placing it on your registry because you may find that your good intentions may never come to fruition. Plus, you don’t need a baby maker to make baby food. If you have a blender or a food processor those can do the trick!

Any blanket bigger than a swaddle or receiving blanket

I was gifted way too many blankets. I ended up mostly keeping a few swaddle and receiving blankets. Blankets aren’t’ recommended until babies are at least a year old. Even when you can use them, you don’t need heavy or big blankets. Little ones can quickly become too hot. Swaddle and receiving blankets are typically lightweight and small in size. You can easily fit them into your diaper bag. They can be used in a pinch if you don’t have a changing pad, need an impromptu burp cloth, or need a clean surface for your baby to lay on. Unless they’re a special keepsake blanket, you don’t need anything bigger than swaddle or receiving blankets.

Fancy Clothes

You can leave the fancy suits, ties, and dresses off your registry. You don’t know the weight of your baby until you’ve welcomed them into the world. So even if your baby is born around Christmas that adorable jumpsuit may be too small or too big. Too many layers of clothing, textures of the clothing, or accessories like hats may create a fussy baby who absolutely refuses to wear them. Wait until those holidays and special occasions arrive with your little one present to shop for fancy clothes. Be flexible. What you envision your baby wearing may not happen. Putting your son in a suit may not work but a onesie that looks like a suit may do the trick. Your daughter may say no to a dress but an adorable onesie and tutu may do it.

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