Happy 1st Birthday to my daughter
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Happy 1st Birthday To My Daughter

Happy 1st birthday to my daughter. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since I learned you were coming into my world.

From the moment I knew of your existence, I felt excitement and nervousness to be your mother. I was scared to meet you. But since your entrance, my life has been brighter. The moment I first held you was one of the happiest days of my life. You are my love, my joy, and my pride. I am honored to be your mother.

I can hardly believe how much you’ve grown! You went from a tiny human who couldn’t even roll over to this thriving one year old who is now walking. You are developing rapidly and I can’t contain my excitement with every milestone you reach. I can’t help but smile when you smile. Your laugh is infectious. The hugs and kisses you give make my day better. Your sadness and tears makes me a bit sad too. But no matter what, you are an amazing bundle of joy and I enjoy every day spent with you. My life doesn’t seem possible without you.

I hope that you love me as much as I love you. I cannot promise perfection, but I promise each day to give you my all. My hope for you is that you become the best person you can be. I wish for you a life that brings you joy. I want to see you succeed, grow, thrive, and accomplish your dreams. There are so many birthdays in store for you and I want to be here for a long time to celebrate them with you! Most importantly, I want you to always know that I love you.

Happy 1st Birthday to my daughter,

Mom With No Plan

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