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Grandparents Day Gifts 2022

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Do you celebrate Grandparents’ day? When I was in elementary school, our principal would host a special assembly the Friday before Grandparents’ Day. I got to bring my grandparents to school and show them my classroom. Our class recited a couple of sentimental poems during the assembly and show off our artwork or special project. The assembly would end with a pizza party lunch and cupcakes with our grandparents before we kissed them goodbye and finished out our day.

Now that I have a little one of my own, celebrating Grandparents’ Day has been renewed for me again! For those of you unfamiliar when exactly Grandparents’ Day is, according to an article on, it is every year on the first Sunday in September after Labor Day. So for 2022, it is September 11th. Just in case you haven’t gotten a gift yet and looking for ideas I have some for you!

Grandparents Day Gifts 20222

For New Grandparents

grandparents day giftsgrandparents day gifts

Excited does not cover how many parents feel when they learn they are going to be grandparents! Let them announce to the world their new title while grabbing a coffee or relaxing with a drink. Give them an adorable frame complete with the cutest picture possible of their new grandchild. Lastly, give them a keychain they’ll show off to anyone in sight!

For all grandparents

grandparents day gifts

Whether this is your parents’ first time as a grandparent or fifth, these gifts are sure to please any grandparent. A mug for grandpa and candle for grandma is sure to brighten their day and home. A wallet or bag is practical and unique!

For grandparents, from grandkids

Homemade cards and gifts are always great gifts from grandkids. But if you’re looking for additional gifts, look no further than these! Grandma can wrap herself a heartfelt blanket or keep her trinkets in sentimental tray. Grandpa can keep time or illuminate his room while being reminded of how loved he is.


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