Celebrating Valentine's Day as a Single Mom
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Single Mom

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single mom can be a fun and enjoyable experience! Need some ideas? I have a few!

DIY Valentine’s Day Basket

Head to your favorite store. Grab a basket (or cart if you’re feeling extra indulgent). Fill your basket with whatever you want for yourself only. Check out. Go home and enjoy. If you want to feel a little adrenaline, set a timer for how long you have to shop. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it for you!

Take the (work) day off 

I, like many others am a working single mom. Despite receiving PTO, less than half of Americans use all of their vacation days. Why not show yourself some self-love and take the day off? If taking the day isn’t possible maybe come into work late or leave work early. Consider Valentine’s Day your new day away from the office.

Make it Galentine’s Day

So technically speaking Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 13th but it can most definitely be celebrated on Valentine’s Day too! You can host a party, grab brunch, head to your favorite rollerskating rink, or even just have a rom-com movie night in. Whatever you choose, surround yourself with your favorite ladies and enjoy yourselves!

Indulge in an extra set of  (helping) hands

Lightening your load on Valentine’s Day can free up a lot of time that can be better spent celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single mom! Maybe you hire a babysitter for a couple hours or have a loving friend/family come over. Perhaps you hire a cleaning service for a bit to take on the chores you’re not wanting to do. Don’t feel like parking your car yourself at the mall? It may be time to treat yourself to valet parking. The possibilities of services available to help you are endless!

Make the most of the moments you have to yourself

It’s not always possible to go to the store alone, take time off from work, or get some extra help. You may find that you only have pockets of time to yourself on Valentine’s Day. My advice? Make the most of the moments you have to yourself. If you need some inspiration check out this post! No matter what you choose to do, show yourself self-love and care.

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