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A Mother Daughter Bond Is Special

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A mother daughter bond is special. The mother daughter bond that has developed before I was even aware has created a love that words cannot fully describe. I used to roll my eyes when people mentioned it. It wasn’t because I didn’t believe that such things were real but I thought it was exaggerated.

I was 100% wrong.

There isn’t much I won’t do for my daughter. I know even when she is wrong I will still love her. If she ever goes down a dark path I will still love her. I am fully aware that I will love her even if she says she hates me. My love for her will still remain when she’s angry with me. The mother daughter bond we share may change but my love for her will stay.

A mother daughter bond is powerful and strong beyond measure.

The love for a child is an ever surprising thing for me. I now understand how frustrating it can be. My daughter can be wailing her lungs out nonstop and despite my frustration I know I love her. I know that giving her tough love is likely. But I hope that I can remember to do everything with love, for love, even if from my daughter’s eyes it doesn’t look that way.

A mother’s love is special and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to give as well as receive it. I look forward to hearing her say “I love you.” to me. But for now, I will continue to say it everyday to her. I will continue to show it through my actions. Whether it is a kiss, a snuggle, or a story read, it is my mission to express my love to her daily.

Love & Be Loved,

Mom With No Plan

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