Thoughts on Motherhood

Mom Overwhelmed

Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it pours. Then other times I am a mom overwhelmed and burnt out. Times like this suck. It is hard to reset, recalibrate, or restore yourself when there are only small pockets of time to receive relief from motherhood. It’s a lot easier to feel 80% like yourself when you’re only feeling 50% unlike yourself. Right now getting to 50% feels like a mountainous climb.

Where I am isn’t due to ignoring myself. My current status isn’t due to putting myself on the back-burner until I reached a point of distress. My state of being overwhelmed to the point of being burnt out happened in less than 24 hrs. So many things went left without a moment to take care of myself. I am a mom overwhelmed because it didn’t rain…it poured. I wasn’t prepared and now I am exhausted from trying to weather the storm.

The storm is now over. I hope there’s clear skies ahead for a little bit. There are things I’ve walked away in order to regain my footing (sorry Instagram, X, and Facebook). I am learning that not all coping skills are created equal and distracting yourself isn’t always the best answer. Yes you can dance in the rain. But sometimes all you have the energy for is to wait for the rain to stop. 

This weekend I am going to rest. I am going to be intentional with the time I have. I will utilize self-care. The climb to 50% may feel mountainous but I can’t get anywhere if I don’t take the first step.

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