diaper bag essentials for baby
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Diaper Bag Essentials For Baby

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A diaper bag is one of the first things new parents look for. Everyone except for me.

A few days after leaving the hospital, my significant other and I found ourselves at our daughter’s first doctor’s appointment WITH NO DIAPER BAG.

Honestly, we hadn’t got that far. We were both still trying to come to grips of being parents since less than a week before we discovered I was pregnant and quickly given birth.

The nurse’s assistant explained our daughter’s diaper needed to be removed and we should have a fresh one ready. We of course looked at one another and then told the nurse we didn’t have a fresh diaper.

I’m sure she meant well when she asked us why we didn’t have a diaper bag or when she emphasized the importance of having a diaper bag. She didn’t know our story. But I was greatly hurt and felt mom shamed. So I fought back tears and when our appointment was finally over demanded we go to Target so I could get a diaper bag as well as everything I needed to fill it.

I began haphazardly googling reviews of diaper bags and things I needed in them. Long story short, it took more than a poorly planned Target run to establish my diaper bag needs. Below you can find my diaper bag essentials for baby complete with links for purchase!

Diaper Bag Essentials For Baby

Diaper Bag

So this is the first step. You need a diaper bag. They come in all different shapes, colors, and price ranges. When it comes to a diaper bag I need one that is machine-washable or easy to clean/wipe down. It must insulated bottle storage and stroller straps. I prefer plenty of pockets and a changing pad to be included.  Whatever you decide, I advise you take your time and view this purchase as an investment. Find a bag that is durable and you can use for years to come. The Vera Bradley Women’s Cotton Ultimate Baby Diaper Bag is and probably will always be my number one choice.

Diapers, Wipes & Changing Pad

A diaper bag is not complete without diapers. I prefer Pampers for both my diapers and wipes. Whichever brand you prefer you’ll want to pack enough for however long you’re going to be out plus a couple extras. If your diaper bag does not include a changing pad I would highly recommend buying one. Not all bathrooms come with a changing station and even if they do, they aren’t really clean. Travel changing pads are compact and can easily be used in any hard surface. The Skip Hop travel changing pad has come to my rescue a number of times.

Filled baby bottles & burp cloth

Even if you are going for a quick outing with your little one you should always make sure you have bottles full of milk or formula with you. I bring as many as my baby would need for the amount of time I plan to be out plus an extra just in case. Medela bottlesare my go-to brand. When the feeding is over burp cloths are essential to keeping any spit-up off of you!

Pacifiers & Pacifier Wipes

Pacifiers help calm and keep babies calm. I prefer MAM pacifiers especially the ones that come in their own case. I try to keep two or three in my bag. When the pacifier falls on the ground or becomes dirty some other way you’re going to need pacifier wipes to clean them.

Blanket & Swaddle

When I am visiting others I like to have my own small blanket no more than the size of a receiving blanket with me. Babies like to sleep and having a small blanket allows your baby to lie anywhere. Swaddles are also another tool for sleepy or fussy babies.

Hand/Face Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Babies’ hands and faces get messy. So do their parents’ hands as well as any other person who wants to touch your baby. This is why baby hand/face wipes and baby-friendly hand sanitizer is needed.

Onesies & small reusable bags

A baby’s onesie can get dirty really easily and quickly. Make sure you pack a couple of extra onesies in your diaper bag! When a onesie does get dirty, a small reusable bag like the one featured in BINGONE Set of 5 Waterproof Drawstring Bags will prove helpful. Another bag can also be useful to store a dirty diaper until they can be properly disposed of.

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