Saturday, May 21, 2022
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To My Daughter’s Father On His First Father’s Day

First off, happy first Father’s Day!

I know that understandably you were not expecting to celebrate your first Father’s Day this at this point in your life. I know having our daughter was probably one of the biggest shocks you’ve ever received in your life. This was not what you had planned or wanted for yourself right now.

For nine months I was unlike myself and you had no idea why. In less than 48 hours you became a father. It has not always been easy. I have not always been easy. We have been imperfect but we have been imperfect together.

I was prepared to have children later in life, no significant other needed. Then I met you and found that I could envision myself sharing my life as well as children with you. Our relationship was as much as a surprise to me as having a child with you and not knowing.

I could not have asked any one to handle our daughter’s birth any better than you did. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, to the moment you cut our daughter’s umbilical cord you made it clear you were here even when things got tough.

You showed calm in the midst of unexpectedness. You rode the storm of my hormones, anxieties, exhaustion, and frustrations all while doing your best to manage your own. I am forever grateful.

It has been hard but in the midst of these challenging circumstances I have seen you grow.

The love you have for you daughter is undeniable. The joy that she bring you is infectious. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing you and her interact. She is already like you in so many wonderful ways. I see her and see the best of you.

On your first Father’s Day I want you to know you are an amazing father and I am thankful for you.

I cannot wait to celebrate so many more Father’s Days with you.

With Love,

Mom With No Plan


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