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mother's day gifts for first time moms
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Mother’s Day Gifts Are The Best Gifts

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Mother’s Day is in a week! Are you ready?

Prior to my daughter’s birth Mother’s Day usually meant sending my mom a gift in the mail, video chatting her on Mother’s Day to make sure she opened her gift, and reiterating how much I appreciated her.

Now I’m mommy. HEAR ME ROAR.

This Mother’s Day now includes a gift to me (new mommy), a gift to both my daughter’s grandmothers, and a gift to my daughter’s godmother.  Below are some gift ideas that I truly love and available for purchase by clicking the pictures! So without further ado…


mother's daymother's daymother's daymother's day

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t want things on Mother’s Day that is primarily for the baby. While those gifts are great, Mother’s Day is about MOM. All the above gifts are great because they make mommies the star. Give me a tumbler cup that tells the world when I became a mother and keeps my beverages at my desired temperature for hours. Buy the shirt and matching onesie so I can brag to the world it’s my first Mother’s Day. Give me a care package so I can treat myself. SHOW ME NEW MOM LOVE.


mother's daymother's daymother's daymother's day
We love grandmas. Without grandma there would be no you and in turn there would be no baby! Let grandma unwind with a special wine glass that reminds her when she became a grandma for the first time. Make grandma’s heart melt with a sentimental frame featuring her favorite grandchild. Remind your mom that she’s the best mom with an extra special coffee mug. And of course, give the gift of the cutest onesie in tribute to grandma who doesn’t spoil but just loves her grandbaby.


mother's daymother's daymother's daymother's day

I cannot forget about godmoms! Give godmom a picture frame with showing off their godchild. Perhaps she could use a wine glass that celebrates the year in which she was promoted to godmother. Maybe give her a trinket tray or a fun-loving makeup bag. No matter what, all these gifts will remind her just how important she is to you!

Hopefully these gifts will make your Mother’s Day a little sweeter. ♥

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