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father's day gifts for new dads
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Father’s Day Gifts 2021

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Father’s Day is sometimes overshadowed by Mother’s Day but fathers are as deserving of a day of celebration as much as mothers. Yes, moms are the one carrying life but dads are the ones making sure the moms carrying life are taken care of. THEY DESERVE CELEBRATING TOO!

This will be my significant other’s first Father’s Day. Even though both of our fathers have been celebrated on Father’s Day in the past, it will be the first time we celebrate them as grandpas.

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Father’s Day Gifts For New Dads





No corny ties or coffee mugs here! No offense, dads deserve more. If I’m being honest, finding Father’s Day gifts focused on dad that weren’t food, alcohol, or tie-related was challenging. But I think a tumbler and whiskey glass that celebrates the year in which he became a dad is thoughtful. Why not let new dad brag to the world it’s his first father’s day? Lastly, dads like to relax too. After all, assisting mommies especially first time mommies is no easy task. Treat him to a spa gift basket designed especially for him.

Grandpa Gifts

Where would we be without our grandpas? Give grandpa a shirt to wear and brag to all his friends. Get sentimental with a special frame for him with his favorite grandchild/grandchildren. Acknowledge his greatness with a special coffee mug that is sure to make his day. Lastly, make him smile with a onesie that is a cute expression of love.

Father’s Day is as special as Mother’s Day. These gifts can make dad’s day even more special. ♥


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